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Turkey-Baconed - 1. To derail an online blog or forum thread that was started to incite others
2. To so utterly confuse an online "troll" or spammer
they give up

Turkey-Baconed (with the above definitions) is a phrase originally coined in the PS3 section of the AVS Forum. It is used to derail internet threads or blogs on forums. Highly effective in ruining a troll's intentional baiting. (an internet troll is someone who posts to blogs or forums intending to start arguements). An example of being Turkey-Baconed can be found here War Bond Lighters and World War II Lighters. Now in this example a spammer attempted to just spam as many forums as possible and if you peruse that thread you will see from the very beginning it was derailed. Hence it was Turkey-Baconed. Now in this next example, Sony to post $1.1 billion loss, this was started by a troll. In this case the troll would be an XBox owner trying to incite a console flame war. It is highly common in the gaming world for fans of different platforms to have highly "spirited" disagreements. As you can see in both examples humor plays a major part in Turkey-Baconing. Along with witty banter, inane comments, and the occasional risque photo. So remember boys and girls instead of argueing in forums and blogs just Turkey-Bacon them.
"That Sony thread just got Turkey-Baconed"
by phipp01 January 16, 2009

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