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1. used by tha pizza guy in the tenacious d movie. basically a kick ass or budazz way to say holy shit
1. chuck norris just kicked that guys face off! jeez louise peppa cheese...
by philip nader April 22, 2008
1. when things seem good, and then something depressing or horrible happens and you think "why me?" and feel like nothing on earth can make things ok.
1. when god shits on your life, take a shower and get back on your feet
by philip nader April 22, 2008
1. short for pizza. if you are retarded, it is an expression of excitement.a very budazz word
hey man, order a 'Za. im starving.
by philip nader April 22, 2008
1. used by the pizza guy in tenacious d and the pick of destiny, meaning Kick ass, or fucking amazing.
1. that six foot long shotgun is Budazz
by philip nader April 22, 2008
1. the original name for a turkey in one native american dialect, which had to be changed after european settlement
1. "hey lets go hunt some fuckme."
by philip nader April 22, 2008
1. audrey amazing heavenly

2. something that is good in every way, shape, and form

3. something or someone that is flawless
1. a burger from 5 guys is delicious

2. something delicious is perfect tasting
by philip nader April 22, 2008

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