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The condition experienced after an all night bender, whereby one's breath takes the form of methylated spirits fumes
"Oh god, i am never drinking again, I have the worst meth breath ever, here, pass me a mint will you"
by Phil Bailey April 13, 2005
Man who will fuck any girl, regardless of how fat and ugly she is
Oh man, that guy is a total pigrooter, did you see the fatty he did last night?
by Phil Bailey April 13, 2005
Girl employed to do nothing other than give you a hummer
"when i win the lottery, i am getting a hummer girl"
by Phil Bailey April 13, 2005
Used as an exclamation against those who seek to take the moral highground and pass judgement, when they have no such right to pass judgement
(random person living life of quiet desperation): "that is sick that you fucked your sister"
(God's lonely man): "Don't you judge me!"
by Phil Bailey April 13, 2005
What one calls Narooma (NSW, Australia) whilst on a drunken bender, making Lyle Meaney drink like a real man....
"Where in mamooma, no, mamooma, no, MAMOOMA, that's N-A-R-O-O-M-A... Hey Lyle, stop drinking like a sissy, that's how my girlfriend drinks, what did you say Lyle, you want a TP?"
by Phil Bailey April 12, 2005
The investment of funds, paid to a bookie, betting on the outcome of a sporting event
"I need some extra cash, hmmm, i know, i'll throw three hundred bucks on the Melbourne Storm against the Panthers, that has got to be a lock of the week"
by Phil Bailey April 14, 2005
Having sex with five people, on a friday
"Damn, I can't wait for five way friday"
by Phil Bailey April 13, 2005
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