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A literal sexual arousal induced by esoteric hobbies not appreciated by a reality loving populus.
Yo krazy karl gets a nerdrection whenever he watches starwars.
by Phenomally December 07, 2006
The emasculation of a male by his own cowardice...especially when the phobia is not represented even at the toddler level.
Krazy Karl received a testiclectomy when the clown suprised him making Karl soil himself.
by Phenomally December 10, 2006
Seen in individuals who experience gastrointestinal diarrhea with copious semen in their feces from numerous anal sexual encounters
Man that slut had sogorrhea all weekend after eating that burrito
by Phenomally December 04, 2006
Skittle's triad is a disorder marked by ovarian chocolate cysts, strawberry cervix, and raspberry labia especially seen in women with the following; excessive menses, syphilis, and herpes.
Maricon had a bout with skittle's triad last summer
by Phenomally January 24, 2007
A euphemism for penis
That is a diseased beef hammer
by Phenomally December 20, 2006
The ability of an anus to dilate and receive foreign objects.
Maricon's dilitability is unparalleld.
by Phenomally January 24, 2007
The eaze of a dildo entering an anus
Maricon scored a 5 out of 5 on the dilability scale
by Phenomally January 24, 2007

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