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pheesh means pheesh. don't pheesh; it's just pheesh. pheesh you.
i'm gonna pheesh you up, pheesh-face. pheesh you and your pheeshish mother.
by pheesh October 07, 2004
A geek like no other, notorious for bad jokes, security and *BSD zeolotism. 1336. Secks.
Oh no, that joke was BAD, I detect ParksieHumour(tm)
by PHeeSH September 18, 2003
see entry for pro-ana.
it's pro-ana without the hyphen. which makes proana.
by pheesh April 23, 2006
ashes from the end of a lit cigarette
AHHH SHIT I got fagash in me eye!
by PHeeSH January 26, 2004
When you're sat outside on a mouldy old chair, just trying to get down with that goth silence, it takes 30 minutes to open the back door, and you can't remember how to stop the world from spinning.
"Dude... So totally chaired man"
by PHeeSH August 21, 2003
an acronym for Cutting and other Self-Injury.
i think i'm going to go post about casi on my blog.
by pheesh April 23, 2006

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