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1)One of the greatest movies of all time, which is pretty funny actually, has alot of great scenes and jokes

2)A need to have sex
1)The unrated version of sex drive includes everything from balls to tits

2)Do I really have to explain what the need to have sex is?
Ask any normal teenage boy who has a extremely strong hand.
#tits #twat #pussy #soft porn #ass #jokes #shit #gum #mint patty #unrated #fuck #laid #sex #anal
by phatkid1221 October 11, 2009
Bombing for Peace is basicaly saying that your gunna kill to save lives, Ironic ey?
Well its what the hippies (pardon that phrase) said in Vietnam to stop the war, and they were right.
Its basicaly saying if we kill a bunch of ppl its for the good of the world, well hitler said that too and look what happened.
Bombing for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity
#bush #peace #war #hitler #nazi #death #killing #horror #soldier #army #terrorism #genocide
by phatkid1221 September 24, 2009
1) Low blow

2)To be hit with a projectile

3)What someone screams when they're being over dramatic
1)"What Stephanie said about Carl was horrible"
"Yea, I agree, she basicaly shot him with that one"

2)That fucker shot me with his fuckin gun! what the fuck?

3)(Steve gets hit with a spit wad)
Steve-"Ahh you shot me!! You bastard!"
#sht me #low blow #gun #projectile #over dramatic #hit
by phatkid1221 September 24, 2009
1. To be able to combust or ignite releasing a high amount of force

2. The slang exslosive refers to diarhea (pardom the spelling) and how it can either come horribly fast or all at once where it turns your new white toilet into a spray painted brown object you dont wanna touch
1. C4 and Fragmentation grenades are both exsplosives

2. If I have to give an example of exsplosive diarhea then thats sadd. seriously
#bomb #frag #diarhea #toilet #life #dude
by phatkid1221 December 01, 2009
Well I'm going off my basic context clues here and I doubt that its about anal intercourse like the other idiot on here said about railroaded. But I think that it means that your funneling in as in they're ignoring everything else and just sending them right there. Can be used by gamers or cops or who ever.

Look down for some horrible examples.
1. Dude 1: You see that nerd frag that whole team. Damn!

Dude 2: Yea man, he railroaded they're ass.

2. Cop 1: Fuck Due Process your ass is going in the pen.

Cop 2: RAILROADED bitch...
#dirty cops #spiked #fraged #halo #nerd #gamer #america #due process
by phatkid1221 November 24, 2009
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