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Another term for any male who engages in unprotected sex while knowingly having genital warts. (sounds like Rumplestiltskin)
Grab the beer, Pimplestiltskin is here!!!
by Phartman July 09, 2004
Any fruitcake who likes to slurp the man-gravy.
Elton John is such a dork snorkler.
by Phartman July 09, 2004
You lay a piece of toilet paper down then take a dump then nut on it then lay a piece of tp on top.
Macala used the bathroom after me and saw my nut smore.
by Phartman November 08, 2012
Basically a skanky cunt. Any female who would fuck your boyfriend/husband then brag to her other slutty friends about it. Any woman with multiple std's. Most of the women who went to Des Moines East.
Tiff slapped that skunt because she slept with her man.
by Phartman January 12, 2010
The nasty infected cheese surrounding your toes.
Dude, I have to start treating my corculis punjai.
by Phartman July 09, 2004
When a male picks his dirty underwear up and sniffs them to see if theyre clean enough to still wear.
Dude Im gonna have to snafter because all my stuffs dirty!
by Phartman July 09, 2004
The nickname of any male who purposely has unprotected sex with a female while having genital warts.
Hey guys check out Pimplestix, he's picking up another raspberry.
by Phartman July 09, 2004
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