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a "gangster" substitue for bitch. somehow, this word has found it's way into the mouths of every white teen in america.

see also: biatchitude and biatchitudestein
hey there Stephen. is it just me, or has Mandi really been acting like a biatch? she hasn't called me back in two days!
by Phalkon November 05, 2004
To make billions of money and show off in front of middle-aged white women
Dude, did you watch "Apprentice" last night? Trump was totally Oprah!
by Phalkon October 31, 2004
oh nanashi, you forgot to include the Cure in your bands of early goth punk.

it seems your definition and mine share a few good points, but i'm defining "new" Goth Punk. not the "true" Goth Punk of the 70s and 80s.
the Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees *ARE* in fact the true definition of Goth Punk, anything today is just crap
by Phalkon December 12, 2004
taking biatchitude to a whole new level.

the constant state of having a full blown biatchitude
damn julie is such a biatchitudestein, can't that bitch ever say something nice?
by Phalkon November 04, 2004
to wear large pieces of jewelery, usually clocks and headgear
have you seen sam's costume? he's all flavor flav up in here
by Phalkon October 31, 2004
to bust a move, to get all crazy up in here
yo, frankie be slammin' it down on the dance floor, g!
by Phalkon November 04, 2004
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