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This is a physically demanding task, which incorporates a slight amount of theatrics. A girl is tied to a chair/bed/wall. The guy walks to the other side of the room, gets a hard-on, and then shouts "Beluga Bulldozer!" After doing so, he charges over to the other side of the room like an angry whale, tackling the female with his behemoth boner.
"Julie, why are you limping?"
"Aw it's nothing, really. I just got Beluga Bulldozed by Chris last night...thats all."
by pfffffffffff April 19, 2003
The act of ejaculating on the partner's face,and then having the partner sneeze semen everywhere.
Yo Man! I just got Mary to Cym-Schwah! She needed like 14 tissues!
by pfffffffffff April 19, 2003
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