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A south african expression. 2 meanings:
1) When you get ''guyed'', it means somebody has done something to you with the intention of making you look stupid, inferior, unpopular or make you look like a general ass. You can be guyed in several ways, including being insulted, bad mouthed or being made a joke of.

Meaning 2) An expression made by the hands to show dislike to somebod. This hand signal is made by curling in the ring and pinky fingers into the palm whilst your middle and index finger are pointing toward the person. The thumb then moves in a hammer like action between the ''thumbs up''position and the knuckle of the index finger. i.e. making a gun shape with the hand.
meaning 1) three kids walking to class:
John : ''Hey kyle, how was that jol (party) last night?''

Kyle : ''Ya bru, it was sick!''
Mark: ''The girls were so easy, dude, I got laid in 10 minutes!''
John: ''You shoulda seen your sister, kyle, she was such a slut, she almost fucked you''
Kyle: ''What the fuck dude, why did you guy me so overs?''
Mark: ''Ya John, you guyed him bad''

eg 2: ''Mike guyed me so overboard. Telling all the chicks that I had ghondorea! What the fuck?''

meaning 2) a geek is walking back home and a young gheyer is waling behind him. He then puts his hand into the ''guying position'' and begins to move his thumb between ''thumbs up'' and the index knuckle, whilst aiming the gesture to the back of the geeks head. Geek turns around.
Geek: ''Why are you pointing your hand in the shape gun at my head?''
Gheyer: ''I am guying you because you are a puss!''
by pevox July 06, 2009
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