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Fogey/fogy /fougi/ sl. (early 18C+, orig. Scot) old-fashioned, stuck-in-the mud.
Person with old fashioned ideas which he is unwilling to change: Come to the disco and stop being such an old fogey!
You think me an old fogeyand an old tory, his thoughtful voice said. I saw three generations since O’Connel’s time. I remember the famine. Do you know that the orange lodges agitated for repeal of the union twenty years before O’Connel did or before the prelates of your communion denounced him as a demagogue? You fenians forget some things. (James Joyce, Ulysses. Penguin Books,1992. p. 38)
by Petyush August 17, 2005
phr. 1 (late 19C+) insane. 2 1920s +) pregnant (cf. UP THE SPOUT).
- Is she up the pole ?
- Better ask Seymour that. (James Joyce:Ulysses,PICADOR,1998, p.23)
by Petyush March 27, 2005
n (obviously Irish school slang of the 1910s): staying away from school without permission, playing hookey, playing truant.Eg.: We often planned a miching for the whole day if we did not want to do our preparations for the classes.
With Leo Dillon and a boy named Mahony I planned a day's miching. (James Joyce: Dubliners, Penguin Books, 1998, p.20).
by Petyush March 27, 2005
Jacky Tar / jack tar: n. 1 (late 18C+) a sailor.
They believe in rod, ... and Jacky Tar, the son of a gun, who was conceived of unholy boast, born of the fighting navy ... (James Joyce: Ulysses, PICADOR, 1997, p. 314).
by Petyush March 27, 2005
(1950s +) (US sl.) clothes
... and to see him in his round spectacles and his civil servant weeds, you would think it was he ... who deserved the tradename ’mole’.
John le Carré: The honourable schoolboy, Coronet Books, Hodder and Stuoghton, 2000, p.57).
by Petyush March 27, 2005
to make oneself (or somebody else) feel less irritated or offended
Lacon was no fool, and the Cousin's wrath just when everyone was trying to smooth their feathers was a thing to be avoided at any cost.
John le Carré: The Honourable Schoolboy.CORONET BOOKS, Hodder & Stoughton, 2000. p. 63.
by Petyush April 11, 2005
(infml, originally NY slang): make sb. feeble, weak or demoralized
“Talk quickly – those fellows are clubbing the stuffing out of Union Pacific.”
O’Henry: 100 Selected Stories, Wordsworth Classics, 199, p.74.
by Petyush March 29, 2005

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