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Someone who sneezes proudly and without protection.
Frank: Aatchoooo-ah!
Jim: Well thank you Germ Donor.
by peterbruce01 January 07, 2009
1. Class-room raspberry.

2.Rejoinder to a serious discussion designed to reduce any point to the childish point-scoring the rejoinderer deems it all to be
1. Teacher: So the square on the hypotenuse..
Jeff: Voff-voff.

2. Harold: Football really comes down to sex and war.
Arthur: And grace under pressure.
Jennifer: And the desire for the intermediary object.
Wendy: Voff-voff.
by peterbruce01 January 07, 2009
Past tense of sprint.
He sprunt up the track like an escaped rabbit.
by peterbruce01 January 07, 2009

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