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the greatest and coolest coffee in the world, from japan.
If you lived in tokyo, you might ride a captain stag folding bike, drink suntory boss coffee, and talk about bob sapp. Unless of course you drive a Honda That's. Then you'd still be a talking about bob sapp.
by peter.jubb July 26, 2004
make more stupid, upgrading retardness, advancing incompetence.
Dude, your uptarding yourself watching all that American Idol.
by peter.jubb April 21, 2005
sucks, shitty, totally bites.

~ Heard it from my hairdresser, who is remarkably not gay.
"Oh, you live in a leaky condo, dude that totally chomps".
by peter.jubb September 02, 2004
; A Stud
; the complete opposite of a dad

60% of women said they would prefer to have SEX with a cad, but only 13% said they would want him engaged to their daughters.
You're going to have lots of grandchildren, thank god your shtuped that cad.
by peter.jubb October 27, 2003

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