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*A festival with lots of balls/baloons/footballs/round shaped pumped up things EVERYWHERE
*A festival, again but with lots of mens doo-daa's
Hey, are you going to that ballfest tonight? It's supposed to be great fun..
by peter alabaster September 25, 2007
A word that defines somebody as a baron that takes on the name piss. The baron likes piss, he worships it and is a complete utter pissbaron.

To earn the title of "Pissbaron" you must play soul caliber against somebody, almost beat them by having a score of 3, whereas the other person has a score of 9, they think they will win but you come back and beat them 10-9. You have succesfully earned the title of "Pissbaron"
"OMG i thought i won that game but noo you came back you fucking pissbaron"
by peter alabaster September 25, 2007
A bangle of cocks.
Basicly a huge tangle of cocks
Even more basicly your pretty much fucked by a ball of cocks chasing you
"Fuck, that cockbangle is headed our way"
by peter alabaster September 25, 2007

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