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3 definitions by percyhalfpig

The act of love. The insertion of the penis into the clunge.
"My word, I'm tired. All night clunge-plunging followed by a hard day at the office. I need a beer!"
From "Hitler - My Autobiography" by Adolf Hitler, Austro-German dictator and champion surfer.
by Percyhalfpig February 16, 2004
Acronym - "Anal Insertion Potential": the likelihood, based on brief scrutiny, that a girl or woman will be willing to perform anal sex with you and/or your companions.
"Jesus, look at that! She's fiiiiine."
"Uhuh. AIP?"
"High. Gotta be high. Dirty bitch."
"Say a 7?"
"Maybe even an 8."
"Got another beer?"
"Nope. All out."
by Percyhalfpig February 10, 2004
That part of a woman between midriff and knees, in the vertical; and between the thighs, in the horizontal. The flange.
"Jesus, what a slapper," quoth Hubert. "Had I tried, methinks I could have got my whole head up her clunge!"
by percyhalfpig January 29, 2004