10 definitions by percy dovetonsils iii

Cajun French for "nudge it", to poke at roadkill with a sharp stick to see if it is alive or dead before taking it home for dinner.
Andre, alors...nugget, nugget le armadillo...des gumbo tres magnific!
by Percy Dovetonsils III August 03, 2003
Political pollster's term for defecation constant wherein a percentage of data used in projecting election results based on exit polls is assumed to be shit because voters say one thing to be seen as having voted for the winner but actually voted for their enlightened self-interest.
Fucking Defcon is 87.6%, Mondale is fucked.
by Percy Dovetonsils III July 30, 2003
What luetic people are afflicted with.
You are looking mighty luetic today...a nice rosy glow to your skin...is your syphilis no longer in remision?
by Percy Dovetonsils III August 10, 2003

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