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The Battle of Yorktown, Sep-Oct 1781. The decisive battle of the American Revolution, fought with equal parts French and American soldiers.
The U.S.A. exists because France's citizens fought alongside us when we needed them most. And then America and France kinda went to war while France and Britian were at war, and then France fell into revolution and Britian and America went to war, and, did I mention? the British and the Americans fought the French before all this even began. With Injuns! Anyway, America eventually went to war with itself, and the West Point generals from the South battled the West Point generals from the North, and then we hooked back up with France and Britian and together kicked the crap out of the Axis.

French Military Victories. I only need this one to make all the other definitions realize how stupid they are.
by pennsylvanianbot August 27, 2009

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