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5 definitions by penguin farmer

n. rohm-oh-ver

1. an act of turning the ball over to the defense in professional football in a manner that provides extreme hilarity and fervent enthusiasm to the general public and media. Romovers differ from typical turnovers in that they are either obscure in nature, grouped together in sequential drives or occurring at the most critical moments in the most pivotal of games.

2. the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys who is of Mexican descent.
Collinsworth: 40 seconds left in the division-clinching game with the Cowboys on the opponents' 12 yard line down only by 4...
...and there is the Romover to end Dallas' season much to Jerry Jones chagrin. Dallas sux.

Joe Buck: lolSanchez play action fakes, stutters, scrambles and is clotheslined by his own lineman's rear-end, fumbling the ball in the process for the Patriots TD! I don't believe it. That was one of the more spectacular romovers I have ever seen.
by penguin farmer June 12, 2013
n. zak-urtz Slang for male genital rash. Origin believed to be derived from the colloquial abbreviation of "sac herpe warts" or the informal phonetic pronunciation of "sac hurts". Modern usage applicable to any irritation of the gonads.
Look at Vinny squirm in his seat. He must have some contagious zachertz in his pants.

I banged Phyllis last night. I must have caught some raging zachertz.

Damn, my sac ertz.

By courting Milly, Chip was begging for a second round of the zachertz.
by penguin farmer May 01, 2013
Slang for male genitalia consisting of both scrotum and penis conjointly. The Bennie serves as a euphemism for balls, the Logan for long shaft.
Mara totally kicked me right up in my Bennie Logan.

Phyllis sucked my Logan, but not my Bennie.
by penguin farmer April 27, 2013
n. el-oh-el-san-chehz

1. lolSanchez (born November 11, 1986), formerly known as Mark Sanchez, is an American football quarterback for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL). The pseudonym was formally adopted and applied by North American tribunal (excluding Mexico) after his play on the field was deemed far too amusing for the general public. (see buttfumble)

2. a sexual act where an individual drives to Home Depot and pays an illegal immigrant $58.25 million over 5 years to eroto-asphyxiate him/her on a freshly manicured lawn.
Matt Mosley: Mark Sanchez just buttfumbled!

Richard Johnson: Who?

Matt Mosley: lolSanchez

Richard Johnson: Ohhhh! That guy! He is hilarious! Almost as funny as that other Mexican quarterback in Dallas.


After his foot fetish was not longer satisfying, Rex decided to treat himself to an lolsanchez.
by penguin farmer June 30, 2013
n. url-woolf

pseudonym for the penis of former pornographic actor Chip Kelly during his failed career in the 1970s era Golden Age of Porn
Chip Kelly: Hey there Ashley Fox! Have you met Earl?

Ashley Fox: Earl who?

Chip Kelly: Earl Wolff! *disrobes pants*

Ashley Fox: OMG that thing is hairy and hideous... but at least it looks like it can run a 4.4 40yard dash.
by penguin farmer June 30, 2013