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19 definitions by peckerama

Another name for your scrotum, otherwise know as your nutsack.
"God, my fucksack is totally empty from last night's wank"
by Peckerama March 20, 2008
A person that is in the midpoint of being spastic and being a fucktard.
"Did you just see that spaz-fuck over there trying to rape that horse and lick out that goat at the same time?"
by Peckerama March 22, 2008
A term used by Jamie Oliver whenever he decided to improve his cooking and "waz it up".
"Ok let's add some spicy red chillies to this tomato soup just to waz it up."
by Peckerama March 22, 2008
Urban Dictionary for Iraqis.
"I cannot understand all of these cool websites written in English. Oh well, best check up on my Turban Dictionary account."
by Peckerama March 31, 2008
Urban Dictionary for gays, lesbians, trannys and those with a disturbing sexual nature.
"Oh Jesus Christ, I forgot to check my Urban Dicktionary account yesterday!"
by Peckerama March 31, 2008