25 definitions by peanut

an awsome dance only know to the select few. it can only be performed by those rare and blessed with the talent
She was the epitome of cool-ness because she learned how to do the dancing helmi.
by peanUt November 27, 2003
TGSOE stands for The Greatest Show On Earth
the light show was tgsoe
by peanut January 18, 2005
small public school in durham, ct.
"A am a coginchaugian and proud of it... even though I never attended the cerimony...which bothers me to this day" (sigh)
by Peanut June 12, 2003
another word for "best friend"
sam is my biffer, but he likes anus.
by peanut January 18, 2005
Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law's intern. He wears a pink vest.
"KAMPAI...peanut." (episode: "showyuweenie")
by Peanut September 30, 2004
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