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25 definitions by peanut

the tytest girl at hse
peanut is so tyte to hang out with
by peanut March 03, 2004
The caustic name used to refer peanut. People pretend to say fanny itch, but really say this. And then make fun of others for mishearing.
"You said funny inch, not fanny itch...dick." says peanut
by Peanut June 10, 2004
Twenty Dollars
You owe me two ducks for that bitch!
by peanut March 15, 2004
a fight
Spike and Rampage are havin a bout; they are fighting
by Peanut August 09, 2003
Mikey. Is the best kid I know.
Oh boy Jewcer is so cool.
by Peanut May 25, 2004
The love of my life. He's tall, funny, handsome, and most importantly he makes me feel wonderful. I love him!!
Now that I've got my Jellybean, I don't need anything else.
by Peanut January 23, 2005
Saiyan with a low IQ who wears orange pants. He is in love with Vegeta and falls in the shitter a lot.
Vegeta dragged Kakkarot around the tennis courts for several hours.
by Peanut September 30, 2004