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The point in a skiing or snowboarding turn where the snow's spray emitted is at it's highest; generally well after the actual apex of the turn.
Photographer (throws snowball about 15 feet uphill and in front of himself): Just put the spraypex right about here, and try not to hit that tree in the meantime!
by peakslayer January 11, 2013
A method for gapers to carry their skis and poles with ease, using only one hand. The straps of the ski poles are looped around each other's ends, then looped over the tips and tails of a pair of skis, then picked up by the middle of the ski poles as if carrying a suitcase.
Did you see that gaper in the neon one-piece suit carrying a Cincinnati Suitcase? Only during the holidays!
by peakslayer January 11, 2013
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