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A small town in New Mexico.
Its population is less than 800.
It is where i hope to find me some gangsta niggas.
Person #1- Heyy. Where do you live!?
Person #2- I used to live in Las Vegas, NV.
Now i live in Springer, NM.
Person #1- What do you do there!?
Person #2- Chill with my gangsta niggas.
by peachykeenjillybean May 24, 2009
Toppings are assigned to KOOL people. (that's with "k")
Your topping depends on you and your personality.
It also depends on how you relate to the people/person who assigns it to you.
-What should Indiana Jones's topping be!?
It should be something just like sprinkles, thats NOT sprinkles.
-What should Tanner's topping be!?
He isn't a topping.
He is The Ice Cream.
Gelato, to be exact.
by peachykeenjillybean June 13, 2009
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