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an illegal, no rules, bicycle messenger race through urban environment.
Monstertrack is the best alleycat of the year.
by pd January 25, 2004
The wealthiest family in Britain.
You got a new job? Man you're gonna be such an Ackroyd soon.
by PD March 14, 2004
An alleycat race in NYC, track bikes only, no brakes.
monstertrack is the best race of the year
by pd January 25, 2004
the tightest khmaizzle fo shizzle from the 2 0 fizzle yo.
Did you hear about Pethou gettin some nice punani last night in the club, it was off the hook dog.
by pd July 20, 2004
Loose coochie; came from the Aryan language.
She had a loozy...you coulda' fit 7 dicks in there
by pd March 06, 2005
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