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A phrased used on someone who is already upset or angry, in an attempt to look tough because the other party won't resort to violence.
"Yeah, I stole your last Twinkie, do something!"
by pcaston2 October 07, 2005
Someone who, at school, volunteers to do an example on the board. Upon reaching the board, the student forgets how to solve the problem and freezes. In a confused and embarrased state, the student then makes his way back to his desk and is shamed by his fellow classmates.
Jon: "I'm done professor"
Professor: "then go ahead and do the sorting algorithm Jonathan"
*Jon draws a blank at the front of the class and returns to his desk shamefully*
Phil: "Weatherheaded!"
by pcaston2 December 06, 2005
An expression coined by C/C++ users, where the reference to man refers to the manual.
"If you don't know the ceiling function, ask the man!"
by pcaston2 October 12, 2005
When cross with someone, approach them with a blanket from behind. Once close enough, encompass them with said blanket and proceed to pummel them and flee the scene before they realize who has assaulted them.
Bob: *Walking in the parking lot*
Mark: *Persues and throws a blanket over Bob*
Bob: "AoWWW!"
Mark: "Hehe, blanketed!"
by pcaston2 April 04, 2006

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