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Someone who reveals that someone else has revealed something. From the Greek meta meaning "after" and the Middle English tattle meaning "tattle."
Vanity Fair metattled on W. Mark Felt's involvement in the Watergate scandal by outing him as "Deep Throat."
by PBMax October 19, 2007
The purest, Plantonic manifestation of being pathetic.
Douglas achieved pathection by choosing to "Reply-All" because he didn't realize most of the recipients wouldn't care about him.
by PBMax April 17, 2008
Black people with extremely fair complexions (because they're so HIGH yellow it's like they're in orbit around the earth).
JASON: Why aren't there any Black people in Guitar Hero?
DERON: There's Tom Morello; he's actually Halfrican.
JASON: But he's in orbit yellow; he'd ruin the curve on the brown paper bag test!
DERON: One-drop rule.
by PBMax May 01, 2008
An alternate description of holding hands which reinforces its intimate aspects. Used by individuals who are feeling smothered by their significant others.
Whenever Cyriac played finger footsie with Priya, she felt like an animal in steel trap that must gnaw its appendage off to escape.
by PBMax January 10, 2008
1) Making a situation more awkward by mocking how awkward it is. The situation need not be awkward in the first place.

Apparently coined by Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse.

2) Mocking someone in an awkward — and thereby probably unsuccessful — manner.

Apparently coined by then-Columbia Journalism Review assistant editor Megan Garber.
Someone asked to define the word "awkward" will often resort to describing the task as "awkward," which is just mockward. When someone does the same with "mockward," it's meta-mockward.
by PBMax May 11, 2008
Wasting time by looking at people's bookmarks on del.icio.us, usually someone you found because you've saved the same link.
danah likes to reconstruct the identity of a user from bookmarks she encounters during a del.icio.us dawdle, but it's mostly apophenia.
by PBMax May 01, 2008
The act of absent-mindedly perusing flickr photostreams, often of people you don't know.
When Flickrvision or Tiltviewer bring up something really interesting, Franklyn likes to flickr frolic through those accounts.
by PBMax May 01, 2008

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