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Goyim with a fetish for Jewish people and/or Judaica. Derived from the English appropriation of the Japanese word otaku.

"Jewish" is itself a highly contested term, so someone you view as a Jewtaku may actually self-identify as Jewish.

Not to be confused with a Jewish otaku (aka a jewbaka).
VIE: Elvis was a Jewtaku 'cause he used to wear a chai necklace.
ELI: His mother's mother's mother was Jewish.
VIE: I stand corrected -- Mitochondrial DNA FTW!
by PBMax May 20, 2008
Much like the derogatory form of otaku that is applied to individuals strongly obsessed with Japanese culture, Jewtaku refers to one who is obsessed with Jewish culture and people who have stereotypically Jewish facial features.
"I can't believe that woman hit on me just because of my big nose. What a f***ing jewtaku."
by amiantos January 21, 2007

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