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19 definitions by pbaddy

The phenomenon, reported exclusively by frustrated dieters, of weighing more after a full evacuation.
Having sucessfully dispatched a massive, Niles was more annoyed than surprised to learn he'd gained another 2 pounds.

"Great" he muttered to the scale, "a negative weight shit". "Dieting's not hard enough, now I gotta contend with alternative physics".
Later on he resolved to remove nearly all anti-matter from his daily menu.
by Pbaddy September 09, 2009
8 1
Poor man's version of any famous, unattainable female.
Resemblance to some attractive celebrity is a traditional selling point in the blind date arena.

Go ahead, believe it while you can; reality will toss you a Budget Fonda every time.
by pbaddy May 14, 2010
6 0
One whose grasp of the future is consistently and remarkably accurate. (Per personal retrospective review.)
PUNDIT (addressing the mirror): Knew it, knew it, knew it!!Obama-style health care reform will never fly in this country.
MIRROR (silent but reflective) displays PUBLIC OPTION NOW! poster in the background.
URBAN DICTIONARY GATE KEEPER: You must repeat the word revisionary in the example.
PBADDY: But it's redundant. Shame there's no way around it.
by pbaddy January 23, 2010
5 1
1. unemployment.
2. retirement
Man 1: What's up? Ain't seen you around the plant much lately.
Man 2: And you won't either. I've undergone a lifestyle upgrade. My dial set to chill and froze in that position. I'm ridin' the stationary wave of a permanent staycation.
Man 2's wife (under her breath): Uh huh. Only wave that fool's likely to ride is when I wave his lazy, unemployed ass goodbye.
by pbaddy October 12, 2009
6 2
A bigot who does not discriminate.
First voice: A bigot that don't discriminate?? Well, then he ain't no bigot is he?
Second voice (same person, different personality): Indeed not. He is, in fact, a misanthrope. An enjoyable paradox, n'est-ce pas?
by pbaddy September 21, 2010
20 72