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Misdirected email.
Always confusing, often embarrassing, occasionally ruinous.
An example? Supply your own. Emal it to noreply.
by Pbaddy September 07, 2010
Poor man's version of any famous, unattainable female.
Resemblance to some attractive celebrity is a traditional selling point in the blind date arena.

Go ahead, believe it while you can; reality will toss you a Budget Fonda every time.
by Pbaddy May 14, 2010
One whose grasp of the future is consistently and remarkably accurate. (Per personal retrospective review.)
PUNDIT (addressing the mirror): Knew it, knew it, knew it!!Obama-style health care reform will never fly in this country.
MIRROR (silent but reflective) displays PUBLIC OPTION NOW! poster in the background.
URBAN DICTIONARY GATE KEEPER: You must repeat the word revisionary in the example.
PBADDY: But it's redundant. Shame there's no way around it.
by Pbaddy January 23, 2010
1. unemployment.
2. retirement
Man 1: What's up? Ain't seen you around the plant much lately.
Man 2: And you won't either. I've undergone a lifestyle upgrade. My dial set to chill and froze in that position. I'm ridin' the stationary wave of a permanent staycation.
Man 2's wife (under her breath): Uh huh. Only wave that fool's likely to ride is when I wave his lazy, unemployed ass goodbye.
by Pbaddy October 12, 2009
A bigot who does not discriminate.
First voice: A bigot that don't discriminate?? Well, then he ain't no bigot is he?
Second voice (same person, different personality): Indeed not. He is, in fact, a misanthrope. An enjoyable paradox, n'est-ce pas?
by Pbaddy September 21, 2010

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