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An Irish colloquial term meaning one of several things

1) Broken, beyond repair

2) Tired, worn out, out of breath

3) Drunk, inebriated

4) Not functioning correctly
" Can ya give me a jont home mate? Me bleedin' honda civic is banjaxed again "

" i'm after runnin' all the way here.. and now i'm banjaxed "

" Been in the pub all after-noon mate, craic was ninty, but now i'm too banjaxed to drive "
by paulred2 June 30, 2009
the Capitol city of Ireland.
located on the east coast, Dublin was originally a viking, then Anglo-Saxon port, because places like Dun-Laoghaire make ideal natural ports. the name comes from the Gaelic 'dubh linn' meaning black lake.

Dublin is home to almost half the 4.8 million people living in Ireland.

Dublin is traditionally divided into the more affluent south, and less affluent north sides by the liffy river.

notes for visitors:

Temple bar, in the middle of Dublin city has the best night life.

Defontain's in temple bar( on the right as you exit the allyway through the central bank) has the best pizza you will ever eat.

Traditional Irish food is just potatoes...don't bother.

Try the pubs, but they're not all good... choose carefully.

there are no leprechauns in Ireland. If you ask about them you're liable to quickly end a conversation.

The countryside, like with many countries, is nice to look at, but none too interesting.

Ireland is expensive, by any countries standards. notably, Alcohol, clothes, and taxis are well above average.

good craic is not an illigal substance, it's slang for fun.
Dublin is the capitol of Ireland

by paulred2 January 03, 2009
Though i've only heard this used in parts of Dublin, Ireland, it may be used elsewhere too.

This word is derived from the Acronym. N.I.G(s). which stands for Not In Goal(s).

Basically, when you go to play football casually with friends, and there's no outright goalkeeper among you, no one ever wants to be in net. outfield players, naturally, want to play outfield. So, this game developed to decide who would be the first to go in net on any particular day.

It works like this. Once you are in view of the goalposts, and you think of it, you may proclaim ' NIGS!! '. the last person in the group to hear you and do likewise is the first person to go in net.

Having forgotten that the word 'nigs' stood for an acronym, or that the game had a very specific setting, many people just started using nigs for everything.

If someone asks a group of people to do something, one of them may simply shout 'nigs' and the last person to do likewise is usually pressured into doing whatever it is.

synonyms: not it

Autonyms: bagsy, dibs, shotgun
1) * friends approach a football pitch *

Paul: " So i was talking to Ed the other day, i think - "

* they turn the corner *

Nial: NIGS!!

Neil: nigs
Conor: nigs

Paul: nigs
David: .... Nigs!
* david is now first in net*

2) * later in the day, they're still playing *

Paul: " I bought drinks yesterday... which of you guys is running to the shop? "

Nial: nigs

Neil: nigs!

Conor: Nigsy!

David: ..... niiigs!!

* David must now go to the shop *
by paulred2 October 05, 2009

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