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A small cluster of split veins on the neck from sucking. Given by lovers during sex or make outs. Can cause the receiving person to moan.

The person who is going to give the love bite sucks on the neck until a golf ball-ish sized mark appears on the neck. Losers use their vacuum cleaners to give themselves love bites. Some people see love bites as a mark that the person carrying the mark is either a slut or the person carrying the mark's girlfriend is a slut. But it simply shows that you are in a strong and healthy relationship.
1. Robbie started off by kissing Kim's neck, then gave her a love bite.

2. I'm so sad. *sobs* I'm gonna go give myself a lovebite with the vacuum cleaner.
by paulmakespasties August 20, 2006
Three words that are everything you ever wanted to hear. Couples may say it randomly to each other just to make sure the other doesn't forget it.

"I love you so much sweetie... I hope this never ends."

"I love you too honey, and I promise that I always will."


"I.. I... I think I love you. Can we make some fucky now?"

"Ohhh that's so cute! Let's go!"
by paulmakespasties August 26, 2006
When two people want for nothing more than to be together for as long as they live.

When they call each other during the day just to tell the other that they love them.

When you hold them and never want to let go, even if you were sitting out in the pooring rain with nothing but a hoody and jeans, you wouldn't want to let them go.

When you don't have to act differently around the other one, if they love you then they won't mind how you act.

When you look deep into the others' eyes and they look back, and you never want to look away, just to be with the other forever.

When saying goodbye hurts, even if it's only temporary, you can't bare to leave them.

When being with them is the happiest feeling in the world, and kissing them is even better.

When you give them your heart and trust them not to break it or hurt you in any way.

When even if you do hurt them they still love you, and even if they wish they could hate you so the pain would go away they simply can't.

Love can hurt. But most of the time love is the happiest feeling in the world.
"I looked deep into her eyes, and noticed she was staring back. I took her hand in mine, felt her body heat as I opened my mouth to speak, the words escaped with joy and care...

...I love you."

"I can't believe him. How could he say that? Does he forget that I have feelings too?! I want to hate him so much right now, but I just can't..."
by paulmakespasties August 26, 2006
When every sound you hear is an orgasm to you except white noise. a.k.a patrick
oi! patrick! You have muff ears!
by paulmakespasties September 12, 2006
A first time drug user, who then tells their friends that they're cool because they do drugs. Drug dicks usually take simple pills. If they take drugs again they are no longer drug dicks.
Drug dick: Hey guys! I started taking drugs last night. Isn't that cool?!

Friend (whispers): Ha, what a drug dick.
by paulmakespasties July 29, 2006

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