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Also a series of minor or major mishaps leading to an almighty fuck-up
What with the failure of the goods being delivered on time, no-one knowing where to go and no-one who knew what to do anyway, the whole thing was a cluster fuck
by PaulF October 04, 2006
Having sufficient accrued corporate pension (usually near retirement age) that you can say & do whatever you like.
John told his manager to go fuck himself - he's bullet-proof
by PaulF October 04, 2006
To make consistent.
We need to consistify the layouts of these forms.
by paulf March 05, 2012
Mars bar & a coke for breakfast - either through necessity (that's all there is), bone idleness or complete indifference to your body's nutritional requirements
He did not have time to eat before he left the house so popped into the shop for a breakfast of champions on the way in.
by PaulF October 04, 2006
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