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3 definitions by paul16

to violently strike ones head with your fist; usually for a dumbass action or just for laughs
1.u better shut the fuck up before i dome check u
2.i wonder what would happen i just dome check that guy?
by paul16 January 28, 2009
the act of taking bitch/small hits off of a bong,pipe etc.
1. "yo nigga quit taking them baby rips, ur putting my pipe to shame"
2."he didnt get high cuz he was takin lil baby rips"
by paul16 January 28, 2009
the act of taking a hit and keeping it in as long as u can; hiding it in ur lungs
"hey fool try not to cough when u ghost that shit"
"try ghosting it, u get super fucked up"
by paul16 January 28, 2009