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the act of shoving one's thumb up a friends asshole (above clothing), penitrating their integrity and self esteem.
Ben furiously merlked Alex in a fit of excitment one sunny autumn day. Alex giggled and squirmed but could not jump high enough to escape the wrath of Ben's wide thumb.
by patters January 09, 2004
when your happy and/or excited about something that has just happened to you! a form of showing happiness
kokokachu!!!!!!! that coheed and cambria concert was the best thing thats happened to me!
by patters January 05, 2005
This is the true defintition:

n. a geek with VERY little/no social life.

This word was made as another word for geek (or vice-versa) and is still used by the general public, who do not know the true meaning of the word.
Cool person- "What a Nerd! He's the biggest geek ever. He doesn't even have ONE Abercrombie shirt!!"

Geek - "I like your pc, but you need to get out more. Come join our anime club!"

Nerd- "I'm not a nerd! I'm a geek! Get over it!" *snuffle*
by Patters September 03, 2004
n. Art, normally from Japan, but can be from anywhere else, that uses the Japanese anime style.
"Megatokyo is a great webcomic/manga."
by Patters September 03, 2004

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