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Lead female in the incredibles who can stretch/bend herself into a whole manner of compromising positions. If cartoons were real, she'd be a great fuck. Sadly, her voice is extremely irritating.
Man, I had a dream i fucked elastigirl last night - it was hot, but i had to gag her coz she has such an annoying voice
by pat bateman April 03, 2005
A word to describe Alex Perkin's mum
Hey, I saw Carl gettin' jiggy wif chomomma
by Pat Bateman August 12, 2004
A less known alternative (especially to the unsuspecting female) to "suck my dick".
Righto biatch... how about you smoke my rat, before I have to put it in yourmuckhole!
by Pat Bateman August 11, 2004
The act of spitting the tasty fecal residue of a tossed salad from your mouth onto your significant other's face.
Chris finished eating ate Debbie's ass and promptly gave her a sewer mask.
by Pat Bateman April 26, 2005
A man who purchases prostitutes so that he may perform cunnilingus on them.
Chris, the spam-sloth, has an unquenchable hunger for the succulent taste of meat curtains.
by Pat Bateman May 01, 2005
Popping the acne on a significant other's back and using the puss as anal grease.
Chris was poised to give greasy Jerry a puss-slide.
by Pat Bateman May 03, 2005
To have such violent and plentiful diarrhea that it runs down your leg and pools in your shoe.

Derived from Rob "Deek" De Castella, the marathon runner, who once this happened to when running a marathon.
Fucked her so hard in the ass she deeked herself all over my sheets!

I let her lick the deek of my willy. Gotta love the choc grin!
by Pat Bateman August 18, 2004

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