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this is an infinately more irritating variation on the infamous "are we theeeeere yet?" question, which is relentlessly asked by bored children on long car jouneys.
whereas the question "are we there yet?" makes sense - seeing as you're talking about the place that you are HEADING to that you haven't actually REACHED yet - the question "are we here?" (which is asked as the journey is drawing to a close) is entirely infuriating. the reason is this: whenever, and WHEREever, you utter this question, the answer will always be 'yes! of course we're 'here' you silly child!! you could at least ask an annoying question that makes SENSE!!"
parent: "ooh look, there's the sign for our hotel!"
child: "are we here?"
parent: *flips out and chucks child out of window*
by parlez January 18, 2005
quick, easy and annoying way of saying 'oh my god'.

it's time-effective blaspheming for all those busy chatroom-users!!
"omg that is so cool!!!"
by parlez February 17, 2005
a slightly more elaborate and vastly more amusing version of the simple insult div or divvy, as this version implies that the insultee is without much wit, as well as being a div.
"shuttup, u big divwit"
by parlez February 17, 2005
'fantastic' for dyslexic people.
oh wow, that is tanfastic!!
by parlez February 17, 2005
1) to get very angry and slightly out of control

2) a polite substitute for the word 'fuck'
1) if you don't stop singing in my ear i am seriously going to flip!!

2) what the flip?!
by parlez January 30, 2005
a simple and highly amusing insult, which probably has a deep and very interesting origin, of which i kno nothing. i just like saying it. so if u ARE interested in learning where this insult came from, please read the other definitions on this here page.

u divvy.
"stop being such a divvy, u big divvy, u!"
by parlez January 18, 2005
the person to whom you pay a visit when your teeth are misbehaving and are giving you loadsa pain.
many people are scared of going to the dentist, probably due to large number of whirring, drilling, scraping and poking that goes on.
personally, i'm not scared of my dentist, as it is my mum. actually, scrap that, i'm VERY scared of my dentist BECAUSE it's my mum.....
no, honestly mum, my teeth are FINE...
by parlez January 30, 2005
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