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Hindi / Urdu acronym / abbreviation of the literal words "Khade Lund Par Dhoka", with the literal meaning "Cheated with my penis erect". It is reasonably interpreted as "left holding my dick". While the terminology is sexual, the connotation is general, as in "Fucked". A close English equivalent is "SNAFU", which stands for "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up", a term believed to have originated in the US Army during WW-II. As in SNAFU, KLPD also refers to any mistake, trouble, or a generally bad situation.
Suppose I send an email intended for my extramarital girlfriend to my wife by mistake. That's a grade 1 KLPD.
#dick #snafu #cheated #mistake #disaster
by paramgyani August 21, 2009
A superlative form of Gandu (the approximate equivalent of an Asshole). Udgandu = Supreme Gandu. While Gandu is found in practically all North Indian languages, the term Udgandu is specific for Bengali.
oi shala bokachoda shudhu gandu na, ekebare udgandu
#asshole #twunt #gandu #prick #old fart
by Paramgyani September 22, 2010
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