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1. A prissy, stuffed shirt, wealthy or upper class person who is narcissistic, arrogant and elitist. Originally applied to a wealthy elitist person from the UK, but this is no longer the case. A Douche Ellington is a highly opinionated person who believes their opinions and views are the Gospel and should be held and followed by everyone without question. Real life examples are: Michael Bloomberg, Simon Cowell & Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan is such a Douche Ellington! He belittles, attacks and insults any guest on his show who doesn't agree with him. When he starts losing an argument, he resorts to name calling, verbal abuse, and lies to support his opinion.
by ParadoxicalDejaVu January 13, 2013
1. A modern Liberal & Modern leftist, such as a Democrat. The origin of the word is unknown, but was most likely originally coined by Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Journal. The word Wimpocrat does not apply to Classic Liberals.

2. A smug liberal. A snobby, holier than thou, arrogant, hypocrite. Loves big government and the nanny state. Usually 'fetishes' minorities, but might deep down be a racist. Advocates for the poor, and for "spreading the wealth" but will never associate with the "poor", let alone want to "donate" any of their own money. Usually is very intolerant of others views and opinions and resorts to personal attacks, name calling, lies and whininess.

They usually believes what CNN and the mainstream media pump out, they hate the Constitution (because of the second amendment) but will not hesitate to use the Constitution to support their cause. Because of their hypocrisy, and the fact that they are whiny wimps who hate the right to self defense & the second amendment, the words wimp and Democrat were combined to create the new word = Wimpocrat.
In a tense interview with Breitbart.com editor Ben Shapiro on CNN, that Wimpocrat piers Morgan called the US Constitution “your little book”, as he continued his tirade for gun control.
by paradoxicaldejavu January 15, 2013
A Woman's thighs, legs, or butt. Generally applies to the thighs, Comes from the word ham, which is the thigh in a cut of pork. Can be used also used as Hams & Hammy.
My girlfriend loves showing off her hams in skimpy shorts during the summer. The men love staring at her hams!
by ParadoxicalDejaVu January 15, 2013
Drama Clown: A foolish, narcissistic, theatrical, immature, petty, impulsive person - who is overly emotional and a dramatic instigator. Will most likely start drama for no reason at all during inappropriate times. Usually wears too much makeup, hence the clownish appearance. Usually a female, but can also be a male.

Real life examples: Snookie, and most female celebrities.
Pablo's stupid girlfriend was being such a drama clown last night. She kept trying to fight with him during the middle of dinner because he ordered the tofu with mixed vegetables, instead of the pork fried rice. She wanted to split one order with him since she is so cheap. I'm going to tell him to ditch that drama clown next time we hangout.
by ParadoxicalDejaVu January 15, 2013

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