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A body of running water that is smaller in width than a creek. Often found in low-level land and is typically fed by either a small spring or snow melt.
We found some old bones down by the crik.
by papafrost April 10, 2013
Trollwut derives from the terms troll (an individual on the internet that angers others for entertainment), lol (short for "laugh out loud"), and wut (term used to denote extreme confusion). The term "trollwut" is used in the same style as "lolwut", but is typically directed at 1) someone who is attempting to troll someone and failing or 2) between friends who tend to use sarcasm as a basis of humor.
1) Jim: Ur t3h n00bz nd u shld g0 hom3 2 mmmy and cri!!11!

Tim: Trollwut?

2) Jim: I totally scored with your mom and sister last night.

Tim: Trollwut?
by papafrost December 17, 2010
A statement made after someone has committed an act of such great stupidity and foolishness that the questioner is too gob-smacked to fully comprehend why someone would do such a thing. Akin to the terms wat, wut, and what, but used to infer complete and utter shock/anger.
(After Jim shot Tim's character in a video game for no apparent reason)

Tim: Why would you...huh?!
by papafrost December 17, 2010
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