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A sex move where a man shits into a comdom, ties the condom closed, and then places the condom into the freezer over night. After the condom is frozen the man then tapes the condom to his nose, making him look like the muppet "Gonzo", and then procedes to use his nose as a dildo for his women partner.
jorge: hey frank there is a rotting banana in your freezer and it smells like shit.

frank: thats not a rotting bannana. it smells like shit because its a condom with frozen shit in it.

jorge: wtf?? why would you have a frozen shit condom in your freezer?

frank: Because i plan on on giving my wife the Chocolate Gonzo tonight.
by papafrito November 13, 2010
Hooper: A woman, most often of hispanic decent, who is an obvious whore. Generaly wears large hoop earings.
Andrew: Hey Kyle see that fine piece of ass over there?

Kyle: Which one?

Andrew: The hispanic one with the big hoop earings and short as hell skirt on. you can see her vag.

Kyle: o yea i see her... that bitch is a hooper.
by papafrito November 08, 2010

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