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( noun) an exclamatory word, meaning brouhaha.
(verb) an exclamation of surprise and celebration, usually used in statements of victorious achievement.
" What is all this boo-wha about?"

The Chicago White Sox score another run, the fans yell " BOO_ Whaaaaaa!" and dog ( mock) the members of the other teams fan base out.
by paoyepao February 13, 2006
(noun or pronoun; pro-form) 1)one of any number of objects that can be described as a thing.2)an noun object that cannot be mentioned publicly due to social convention or proscription.
Two people are working on a car with various tools. Person A points to a tool that they do not recognize the name of and says, " Hey, hand me that thingy".

Or: Used in regards to hygeine or sexual matters, or in regards to personal issues, Person A says to person B " hey your thingy is hanging out."
by paoyepao February 13, 2006

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