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1. noun - a person who is so narcissistic that, if it were possible, would have sexual intercourse with themselves

2. verb - selfpenetrating - the act of being overly and unnecessarily narcissistic
1. (noun) Ronnie, who kisses his reflection in the mirror every morning after he dresses, is a complete selfpenetrator.

2. (verb.) Jenny is in the girls bathroom gazing at herself in the mirror, flipping her hair and puckering her lips and is other words selfpenetrating.
by pandarex November 24, 2009
noun - A dick long enough to be tucked into the asshole slash sphincter.

adjective - a person who is enough of a jerk to be called an ass and a dick at once i.e. one who is a rude/mean and a tool at once and possibly all of the time.
Bobby Joe comes walking down the hall with his shirt collar popped and blatantly ignores Claudia when she says hello to him; she turns to her biffel Amanda and says "Wow. What an assdick."
by pandarex November 24, 2009
noun - something that is so amazing it makes you want to jizz pants, can be virtually anything

verb - intant "o"ed - the act of something being so amazing that you basically cream your panties
1. noun - Kyle's homemade macaroni and cheese was so delicious that Heather considered it an instant "o" and nearly moaned as she ate.

2. verb - When I watched New Moon and Taylor Lautner appeared on the screen shirtless, I instant "o"ed.
by pandarex November 24, 2009

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