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a place where kids skip just to get high. you can score drugs in any hall.alot of trashy white ghetto girls.The girls are easy easy as lunch, u walk in, get what u want and leave.
you get suspened for the stupidest reasons like flicking a lighter. also getting sent to the office for throwing ninja stars a foot away.you get the shortest times to write a paper. the teachers usally are alright unless there on thier period.

also most of the students have stds
Patrick Henry High School- so gay
by pandaguy March 29, 2011
the act of beating off in a tube sock and leaving it under your roommates pillow
Dude, did you go tubing last night?!

HELL YEAH! you sould have seen Matts face when he woke up in a pile of jizz!
by pandaguy March 29, 2011

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