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Word is usually used by racist white people mostly in britain. I'm white myself, and some of the things you people are coming out with are awful. They're so not true. I've got many pakistani friends, and they are all REALLY sound people. They're better than my white mates. you may get the minority of nobheads, but you get that in every race, good and bad.

Lay off the pakistanis, not all are bad, my mum suffers from cancer and it lead to some illness which i cant remember exactly. i've got about 4 pakistani friends and they ALL volunteered to give blood to check for a match, in the end the blood samples didn't match or owt but i felt so proud that day.

leave them alone, and most are more educated than yourselves, so what if you get the odd minority of nobhead pakistanis? just look at us, we're the same, just look at the chav's with their burberry etc, and vauxhall novas. dont forget WE were the one's who asked for help in the 50's from countries like pakistan, so we should be obliged to have them here.
all the racist people , stop hating on the 'pakis', u sad twats, YOUR the ones who need to be thrown out, you give us a bad name!
by panasonix February 07, 2005

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