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2 definitions by palmwine416

The act of surfing the internet or using a laptop computer while defecating. Made more uncomfortable to respondents when the user is communicating via webcam or microphone.
"I don't wish to continue to chat with you if you're going to bring the computer to the bathroom, you're having a lap-plop.
by palmwine416 July 16, 2010
1. People who get irate when others they message with cannot decipher their short form.

2. To refer to those who send text messages beyond the common acronyms eg (LOL, ROLFMAO)
>Why can't you spell out your words? It's hard to understand you.

>> FU. KMA

> LOL.

>>WTF UR 1 2 TLK.

> but you're an Acronymwit.
by palmwine416 June 27, 2010