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A Mexican living in the United States that wears cowboy hats, belts and Boots made of Ostrich skin. Also Rayon shirts, unbuttoned at the top so that the chest ( usually hairy ) can be exposed to show off a cheap gold chain adorned with a symbol of the Virgin de Guadalupe. This person will speak very little English; preferring to speak in Spanish and use the phrase, mamasita or mija when trying to attract the attention of a piruja or hoodrat.
" That Paisa's hat is blocking my view of the Movie."
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
Derived from the spanish word, dormir, it is Mexican slang for Sleep, similar to nighty-night, nite-nite, or sleepy-time.
"It's late, so let's go mimi."
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
Mexican Castellano idiom for stop kidding around, " don't jerk my chain ", No Way or whatever.
"No manches, are you really going to cross the border illegally?"
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
A mexican slang word for whore or prostitute used by many paisas and tijuaneros.
1. a female that sells her body in a sexual way for money or anything worth value.
2. a dirty, filthy, disgusting woman who has no self respect.
" There are many Pirujas in the Coahuilabarrio of Tijuana.
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
That time of night when you are about to fall asleep and close your eyes to go to dreamland.
Give the baby her bottle so she can go nite-nite.
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
A conversation where someone says a lot of bad things about something or somebody.
There ain't nothing but a bunch of shit-talking going on over there.
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
A fine or very good looking bald man, Usually latino, hispanic, or Mexican who gets all the chicas to adore him.
Ay, that Peloncito is so firme.
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
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