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5 definitions by packphour

When a person is romantically involved with someone who is far more physically attractive than theirself.
John is so ugly, he's lucky to be overdating with Julie.
by packphour May 28, 2006
It's when the projections and ideas of a person outweigh the reality and knowledge you currently possess of them. It's when a connection is driven more by optimism, than reality. It's usually found somewhere between the acquaintance stage and the friendship stage- though it often feels higher than the friendship stage because so much hope is invested in the potential manifestation of the person you're in the pseudoship with.
I love pseudoships because I'd rather have the potential of some than the reality of most.
by packphour August 16, 2005
An abbreviation for "significant other."
Oh, you've been seeing them a lot lately. Are they your sigoth?
by packphour March 24, 2008
Slang for being gangsta, coming from the association gangs have with their respective colors.
Did you see Robert Duvall in that movie? He was cullaz!
by packphour January 16, 2010
I woman who is so demanding that she comes off as a dictator. Derived from the combination of "she" & "Hitler."
My girlfriend is always telling me what to do. She's such a shitler.
by packphour January 21, 2008