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a fashion; a way of life inspired by homeless, vagrants,and crack whores
howard, you look derelicted out with that hole in your shoe.
by pabs momoney September 06, 2005
One who constantly wobbles or fondles the male reproductive organ.
That kid sits at his computer all day looking at porn. Fucking cock wobbler..
by Pabs Momoney August 20, 2003
The additive junction to a word that causes it to become delicious in every aspect.
Hey Mike your mom is so hot! You might even say she's milf-diddleumptious! Dude I just really want to bang your Mom!
by Pabs Momoney November 15, 2007
a dirtbag at the teen age...
Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag fuckers!
by Pabs Momoney August 25, 2003
A female that smuggles muffins in her brazzere not for the sake of hunger but for the sake of bigger breasts...
Damn... That freaky bitch is a muffin smuggler.
by Pabs Momoney August 20, 2003
A joke with no beginning only a punchline...
Phase 1, underpants! Phase 2....
Phase 3 profit!
by Pabs Momoney August 25, 2003
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