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1. the solidified form of excreted fluids from sex, usually found on linen and underwear.
2. derogatory term or suggestion to describe someone who is stupid and an annoyance.
1. The previous nights activities resulted in a fuck stain the size of a dinner plate on my mothers good quilt.
2. Our new teacher is an utter fuck stain, i wish he would dissapear.
by p.m.n August 12, 2003
the exercise of anal sex with one partners arsehole masturbating the others penis.
After we sucked each other off i gave the stud a bum jack he would never forget
by p.m.n August 12, 2003
A public place or venue where gay men meet to engage in sex, usually a park, rest stop or public toilet.
Roger loved going to the beat, there was always some hot ass or mouth to take his load.
by p.m.n August 12, 2003
smell of ones breath after the act of fellatio on a male where the smell of semen is prevelent
He came back from the gloryhole with his reeking bologna breath
by p.m.n August 12, 2003
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