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A group of homosexuals.
stay out of that bar.its a fairy brigade in there.
by p-low July 21, 2010
anything that draws the male genitalia towards it.
damn you see that bitch?She's a meat magnet! She can smoke my bone any time.
by p-low July 21, 2010
a nut sack,scrotum,bean bag,ball sack.Commonly referred to when getting head.
hey baby,time to use your chin pillow.
by p-low July 20, 2010
breasts,most commonly on females,but can be found on men unfortunately. they provide countless hours of entertainment and amusement throughout a mans life.
I want to motor boat those squishy toys.
by p-low July 21, 2010
Term used to make another person mad when you don't want to hear them.Generally referring to placing a penis in the throat to where they can't speak.
person 1:I banged your mom last night.

person 2:Clog your throat pole smoker.
by p-low July 21, 2010

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