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The Craig David song that i don't know what the meaning is exactly.
"What you see is what you get
No hidden agenda
So girlfriend when he's playing around
You better remember"
by ozlem April 26, 2007
A person who believes Allah, prays his/her own private ways and the most important; feels very ashamed of how come some idiots bomb some places, kills innocent people and says they're Muslims. It's totally wrong.

A Muslim can't kill, a Muslim can't say any bad words to hurt people, a Muslim can't make love if he/she's not married, a Muslim has to do at least one nice thing everyday just for favor, a Muslim has to help other people, a Muslim has to be a good person if he/she wants to be a good slave of Allah. These are the most important rules for them.
"Killing is the biggest sin for a Muslim."
by ozlem April 27, 2007

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